More Innovation Through Smarter Innovation

What We Do:  Perceptive Realities® provides solutions to achieve sustainable profits through innovation. Our proprietary training, tools, and processes unleash teams to engage and focus on identifying, developing and commercializing innovative ideas.

Perceptive Realities®  methods and processes help our clients excel at the Discovery Phase and save time and money while identifying “high potential ideas” more consistently. Literature sources estimate that 40% of a business’s future sales are dependent on sorting through 3,000 ideas to find one truly profitable innovative product.

We Build: a Competive Edge with a short and long term benefit:

  • Short Term: save time, money, and effort by accurately identifying and stopping ideas that cannot work.

  • Long Term: consistently introduce truly innovative products to the market to drive future revenues.

We are: a Consulting Firm providing proprietary:

• Training  • Processes  • Tools

We work: with you to create, implement, and sustain solutions to accelerate innovation at your company and provide sustainable profits. Our training and process will unleash teams to:

  • Identify and develop ”high potential” ideas faster.

  • Save time and money by confidently eliminating ideas that cannot work on impartial criteria.

  • Minimize emotions and increase objectivity while assessing ideas.

  • Provide a rational basis for directing limited resources to the best ideas first.


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